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Welcome to the Ian Smith Foundation website. The Ian Smith Foundation was established in 2005 to enhance the quality of life for youth in Indiana by promoting higher education. ISF is built on four core values: BUILD, INSPIRE, EDUCATE and ACHIEVE which are reflected in the programming we offer to the students and families in communities in which we serve. We, the Ian Smith Foundation Board of Directors and staff, invite you to learn more about our programs and to get involved!

Inspiring Underserved Youth In The State Of Indiana To Pursue A Path Towards Higher Education Through Our Comprehensive And Innovative Program; Project S.T.A.M.S.​

To Enhance The Quality Of Life For Every Underserved Youth In The State Of Indiana.

The Ian Smith Foundation offers 7 uniquely designed programs that cater to the youth we serve. We are unique in that our decision makers have embarked on journeys and have experienced many of the same obstacles the students we serve face today. Our programs are designed to meet youth were they are, build them up, inspire change, educate them with knowledge and ultimately help them achieve their goals. Over the years, we have changed many lives and we hope to do the same for your student!

We provide youth with an opportunity to build confidence and self-awareness, to inspire growth and development in all aspects of life, to educate the mind to build mental fortitude and to achieve, where youth can set goals and experience success.

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